Things. Great.

I think this is one of the best pure pop songs to come out of the Britpop era, mostly because it comes straight in with that marvellous chorus.  If you don’t know it already, have a few listens and I can guarantee you’ll be singing along in no time.  Warms the cockles of my heart, so it does.

The Top of the Pops recording is rather interesting, as it was their debut, but it’s spoilt by having Dale Winton at the end.  Sorry about that.

Another realisation struck me today… nothing yet by The Small Faces.  Easily rectified, but which shall I choose?

Another Hurdle Approaching

This song pretty much defies categorisation, I reckon.  What’s going on in t he introduction?  It sounds almost Arabian, if that’s possible.  McCulloch’s voice is sublime – he’s a proper singer, isn’t he?  Seems to me he knows how to use his voice.  Mind you, if you hear him talking these days, he sounds like he’s had a few too many packs of Woodbine’s (although I’m not sure the brand is still around) and several gravel gargles.  Once again, absolutely no idea what’s going on in the song, but it’s a brilliant tune, with top-drawer production.  The band probably deserved better success.

Next, a second entry from Echobelly.


That’s out!

When my Twitter thingy showed that Richie Benaud was trending the other day, I knew it was not going to be good news.  He’d had a good knock, not quite making it to the nervous nineties.  Of course, I didn’t know him personally, but he always seemed like a good bloke (for an ex-Aussie cricketer) and the world of cricket will be poorer now that he has gone.

For as long as I can remember, Richie Benaud has been part of cricket broadcasting, as has this tune:

There’s a ball in cricket called a leg cutter, which reminds me of a top tune.  Time to declare the innings.

Money, money, money!

I used to have this recording on a compilation CD, which I think was called Hardcore Uproar.  Oh yeah, I was well into my hardcore back then.  There were a number of really good tracks included on the disc, but this sticks in my mind as it’s something that I’ve rarely heard anywhere else.  As for the CD, I dunno what happened.  Left in a car?  Lost on a house move?  At the bottom of a box, somewhere in mum and dad’s loft?  No matter.  Wonderful groove on this.  If your foot doesn’t start tapping, or if you are not compelled to get up and shake something, go get your hearing tested… and check your pulse.

I just heard a fitting tune to acknowledge the cricket legend, Richie Benaud, who died recently.  Take guard.  Play.

Focus on the Pain

While I cannot profess to be an expert on Mr Cash, I like a few of his records and I often have a giggle (in a schoolboy style) when I hear Ring of Fire, and here is this one recording that is now recognised as one of the best covers in pop music.  Rightly so?  Probably.  (I’m also rather fond of his version of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus.  Worth checking, if you don’t know it.)

Let’s be honest.  You’d have to be pretty heartless not to find this at least a little moving.

From Cash to cash.  You know, the filthy lucre.  No, not the Sex Pistols.

More Heaven

I’d tell you why I missed another deadline, but you wouldn’t believe me.

Haven’t got the faintest idea what all this is about, but it’s a wonderful recording, so that’s good enough for me.  Front man Black Francis was 50 years old the other day, so I’d like to wish him a belated happy birthday.

There’s a nice little punctum here.  The screaming at about 2:10…. “Then God is seven!”  Yeah, whatever.

From Black Francis to the man in black.

He Flicked to Kick

I know that John Peel’s favourite song EVER (wow, that’s some feat, since he must have listened to more records than most) was Teenage Kicks, but I will save that for later.  Possibly.  I’m rather more fond of this tale of envy, largely because it has some of the best bad rhyming in pop history.  I cannot fail to smile when I hear Mr Sharkey telling us that ‘He thinks that I’m a cabbage, cos I hate University Challenge‘, or that ‘Kevin [is] sure to go to Heaven’.  There’s actually a rather good tune in here, too, and a nice jumper in the video.  Hoops.

I think I should stick with another Peel favourite for tomorrow, since I just saw a Tweet stating that the front man of this next band has just turned 50, so that ought to be worth celebrating.

Early Grunge

Had a dreadful afternoon, feeling really poorly, so an early night scuppered any plans to add this little gem.

I know I would have heard this on John Peel’s show, several times – I can still hear his unmistakable voice uttering the band name.  I think this is perhaps the first, or one of the first, songs to be labelled ‘grunge’.  Other than that, I know little or nothing about this band.  Now I am missing JP saying Mudhoney.  Perhaps I can find a recording somewhere?

Bonus: here’a  more recent version, to see how well they’ve aged:

Later today, I shall bring you something from another Peel favourite.  Yes, that lot from Northern Ireland.

Play Me Old King Cole

Find yourselves ten minutes, sit down, put your feet up and have a load of this.  Three blokes (all sitting down) playing guitars, with Steve Hackett doing a particularly fine job, and an amazing vocal performance by PG on this one.  Phil Collins seems rather restrained on the drums, but that’s the nature of this song, I suppose.  I don’t think I’ve seen all of this footage before.  A rare treat.

I’m not gay or owt, but wasn’t Peter Gabriel a beautiful young man?

Today, there was a feature on the radio highlighting the best of the grunge genre, which has reminded me of the next band to come your way.  One from the Seattle grunge scene.  Where else?

Time to Exit

I have just woken up to the fact that I have included very few records from the sixties.  Hardly surprising, I suppose, since it was the decade of my birth and I would have been more in tune with nursery rhymes than Nursery Cryme (not that that particular favourite was released until the seventies, but I thought it was a good line).  Anyway, I first considered The House of the Rising Sun from Mr Burdon and Co., but I think I prefer this, and it’s not one I get to hear too often.

Now I’ve mentioned that Genesis album, I cannot ignore a top tune from the same.