I’m not sure if the song came before or after the film.  Perhaps it was commissioned for the film?  No matter.  It’s a great record, somewhat spoilt by the rather iffy video, referencing the film itself.  I genuinely had no idea that this was a British band, and I have no recollection of ever seeing any of the band members before.

When searching for the video, I also found their song Heaven, which ain’t half bad either.  Probably doesn’t have a film connection.

While writing this, I’ve just been listening to The Clash on the radio.  I guess that’s a sign.  If it’s not a sign, it’s a ready excuse to bring another offering from Messrs Strummer et al.

Food for thought

I return to this song from time to time, usually if I’m feeling particularly down.  It was on my mind the day my son was born.  It still brings the hint of a tear to my eye.  There’s nothing more to say.

Next, a band and a song brought to the attention of the masses thanks to a successful film in the mid eighties.  I thought they were American.  Wrong again.

Fags and Booze

I have decided that it would be rather churlish to completely ignore this Beatles tribute band.  They made a few good records and it’s impossible to deny that they made a massive impact on popular culture some twenty years ago, although I could never really see past that exaggerated swagger – both literal and metaphorical.  A bunch of chancers who did all right by appealing to the lowest common denominator, perhaps?

I own one of their recordings on a compilation.  This is it.

It’s also impossible to deny that they are in different league to Blur.  Blur: Premier League vs Oasis: Vauxhall Conference.

Flaming hell, do you realise I’ve not yet included the ultimate Flaming Lips track?

I just slip away and I am gone

Well, I thought this was from their last album, but once again I would have lost my money.  I have since edited my last post and changed last to best.  Blur is a wonderful album.  Whether or not it is their best is a moot point, and I’ll probably have changed my mind by next week.

This is perhaps Albarn’s best vocal, and while I have just discovered that it’s essentially about his experience of using heroin, I think it has the most appealing melody of any Blur record.  I especially like the song after 3:15 when it shifts to that repetition of tune and vocal.  It makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

There was a load of nonsense about a rivalry between Blur and Oasis a few years before this record was made, and although I’m no fan of said Mancunians, I’ll concede that they released one decent record.  Just one.

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance

I know that Love Will Tear Us Apart is a brilliant record, but, for me, this has the edge and is my favourite Joy Division song.  I’m particularly pleased to have found this footage from the TV show Something Else.  There is little to compare with Mr Curtis doing his thing, and combined with the drum fills on this song, it’s rather difficult not to watch and wonder at the passion of his performance.  Nice to see a very young Sumner, Hook and Morris, too.

Of course, the Dance, Dance… motif was also used by Half Man Half Biscuit in Oven Gloves, so there could be no other choice.

Blur are back on the radio with a new record, so I must go back to a favourite from their best album.  Bloody hell, it was years ago!

And then there was?

Radiohead.  I can’t really ignore this – the moment when they arrived on the scene.  First played by (whoa) Gary Davies on Radio 1.  Unlikely, but true.

It’s a great song, raised even higher by that crunching guitar sound.  They have never looked back.  Sure, there are many who deride Messrs Yorke and Co, but for my money, Radiohead is still one of the most interesting bands around.

I heard Half Man Half Biscuit doing Joy Division Oven Gloves today, giving me a timely reminder that I have yet to include anything by JD.  It won’t be the obvious one.


You’ve got a sewing machine?

Ah, a silver machine.  Much more rock ‘n’ roll.  This was one of those records played by the 6th formers as we drifted off in Cornwallis House all those years ago.  It was several years after hearing Motorhead for the first time that I realised it was Lemmy on vocals.

This dates from a time when men were men and hair was long.  Another great intro I’d forgotten about.

I won my race today.  Time to celebrate with some Radiohead.


Unexpected Distress from My Mistress

After that race against the clock this morning, it could only be this.  Gabriel (and his cheeky lyrics) at his best, and about the most accessible/commercial tune from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.  Okay, I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe) could challenge that, but I prefer this.

Unzip a zip a zip, whoopee!!

Today I heard an old rock classic from one of Mr Kilmister’s old bands.  Can’t not include it here, so return tomorrow for a treat.

People ask me, “What’s the matter wit’ you boy?”

Splitting headache, early night, preparing for this morning’s race, so The Stones had to wait.

My mate Andy gave me this single when he left school.  To be honest, I think he just wanted to get rid of it.  I already featured the other one he gave me – Costello/Chelsea – so this has to have a place, too.  Was this the last decent record before they went a bit rubbish?  Maybe.

Warning: the video is a shocka, even by Jagger’s standards.

Still a great tune, and it’s good to remember them as they were, pre-wrinkled/shrivelled.

If you’re interested, I came third in my race – my highest ever placing – so to celebrate, I fancy something by my old favourites, Gabriel and Co.  What’s it going to be?

The Music

This lot were going to be massive.  So we were told by the movers and shakers.  Well, I remember Steve Lamacq telling me so, and he usually knows about these things.  Where are they now?  Who knows?  I think they suffered from crap-band-name syndrome, especially with that definite article in there.  Still, they made a few good records, of which I like this best.

I was not familiar with the video.  Nice dancing, dude.

I think I have to add one more tune by the Stones.  Yes, I’ve decided.  It has to be done.  Blame my mate, Andy Smith.